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Customer tickets not showing correctly

Paul Alexander

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I'm sure I've reported this before, but can't find the link any more!

The requests screen in a users' account is not showing the correct number of requests......for instance, if I go in to a users' account details in SM and open the Service Manager tab I get this:




Yes if I do a search in the request list for the same person I get this:





Any ideas please?

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Rather than checking "All my teams" (in the top screenshot) have you tried "All my services" - difference being the tickets are with Teams you are not part of.


all my services.PNG

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From my experience, if we change a default like this to something else, there will be others that have a preference to only show the requests from the teams that they belong to.  We could consider having an option under this menu to save the current selection as the default for each user. 


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