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Placing request on hold within BPM

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

I am still struggling to get placing a request on hold / awaiting Customer response to work - I am currently getting the following error message:

Xmlmc method invocation failed for BPM invocation node 's1/flowcode-bbcbeac4': 0200 apps updateReqHoldStatus FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Requests/fc_bpm/u... 

So the basic premise is we are sending an email out to the Customers Manager to make them aware of their staff's requests - the manager is added as a connection as an interested party, and an email is sent advising them of this request. I then want to place the request on Hold for a period to allow for any feedback from the Manager. However, when the BPM gets to the Place on Hold node I am getting the above error.

I have set an On hold / Active choice on the Service Portfolio screen, and the relevant settings are turned to On within Application settings for on hold / off hold. I have included a screen shot of the node settings, the portfolio settings, and the global on hold settings to show how I have set the values.

If anyone can advise I would be most grateful !

Many thanks



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Hi All

Another question to follow on from the above please :)  I have got the BPM working so that it remains on hold until the request receives an update then it comes off hold. I want to make a decision straight after this node, so that if we have a response the BPM moves onto the next Stage (Investigate), and if we receive no response it moves to the Resolution stage. However it appears that although the request moves to On-hold as expected, the BPM is processing the decision stage straight away so that the request is going on-hold, but then it is marking the following decision node as a success straight away, not when it comes off hold.

So my question is can we place a decision node straight after the Place on Hold Node - currently it is giving me a Success / Failure / No Match / Custom Expression option, and I have set it to Success / Failure as I thought this would pick up the update as either Updated = Success decision, and if no Update = Failure. I have included a copy of the BPM where it shows this logic.

Any ideas at all please?

Many thanks !


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@Adrian Simpkins i think the process is behaving as expected - the node is simply performing an update - i.e place on hold (for a specific period)

The change is sub-status on update (from manager) is coming from a separate non process related feature 

What you might want to consider is adding a Suspend - Wait for request Off-hold Node after the place on hold.  


* You can set an expiry option on this node  (equal to the time you had placed the request on hold)- so if no response is received from your manager, the suspend node will expire and you can branch and make a decision on the expiry basis,

* if the manager does respond the process can move forward as the status will have changed from on-hold to off-hold based on your sub-status rules you set in the service configuration.

Hope that helps


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