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Renaming a Catalog Item - impact?


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@Shamaila.Yousaf you should be fine to rename the catalog name - under the hood it will have a catalog item id which will remain unchanged.

You can change this via the config tab on the relevant service in the service portfolio. 

Some considerations to check where you may have referenced a catalog name in your config.

1. In Progressive Capture flows, are you branching on specific catalog names? if so you will need to update this with the new name

2. If you use the advanced analytics option, then have you created any widget or measures which reference this catalog item by name, if so you want to update them 

3. In your business processes, if you have used a decision node and a custom expression after it which you have built using this specific catalog name rather than ID these will be updated. 

There the three places which spring to mind, but it maybe that you haven't or don't do any of those 


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