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Martyn Houghton

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Related back to earlier post (link at the bottom) and my colleagues, @Martin.bowman, post about having the ability to sort/filter notifications, would it be possible to have a 'Notifications'  widget created for the Home/Hornbill Today page which you could insert to show your notifications and then add the functionality to the Widget to Sort/Filter the notifications. This way you are not having to alter the currently functionality of the top bar notification icon.





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Hi @Martyn Houghton,

I think making a widget showing data that is already displayed and very visible will be a mistake. What we need, and had in our mind for quite some time is a full view of notifications where you can see and do much more than you can in the small notifications popup.

There you would be able to filter, sort and much more.

That's already in our list, but not a high priority. But several people requested this already so I'll see if we can increase the priority.



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Hi All,

It's a shame that given I posted this back in July 2016 that there still hasn't been any real improvements in this area.  Especially as it's something that you say has been raised within Hornbill to.

It's safe to say that we take no notice what so ever of the bell anymore - other than to go in a clear it down every so often.  Which we'd rather not have to do at all.  A real shame as it could prove useful if it had been improved to allow us to turn on what's important (to us) for instance …… 3 years down the line and within this time our analyst lost the will to live with them.  Luckily we don't get a huge amount of calls but I'm sure for larger organisations it's extremely frustrating.

We are working with HR at the moment to bring them on board - I expect this is something they will raise when they start using it early next year.  I'd really love to have something positive to tell them about the notifications so if you make any progress before next year I'd love to hear it.



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Hi @Tina.Lapere,

I understand your frustration and is also frustrating to us to knowing that there are many things that we would like to have but we can't. This is because we have priorities and even if people in Hornbill want certain feature, we need to stick to our plan.

Sometimes we can add small things, and we do that quite often but bigger things are more problematic and can change our plan.

Hopefully this feature will finally get done sooner than later.

Thank you and hope you understand,


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