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setting reminders when tickets are not assigned

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You could perhaps have a wait for status change node with expiry and let the flow notify the team if the node expires.

If status changes from new to open (or whatever) then the notification is bypassed.

Hope this makes sense

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@David Longley i think the two suggestions above maybe the best options. 

Option 1:

After your assign to team node, include a Suspend Await Owner node


Against this node you can configure an expiry period. 

If an analyst takes ownership of the request, the process moves on, if not you can include a decision node, and branch your process in the event of the expiry period being met - this could go to an Email node, where you email a team distribution email address, before looping back into the Suspend await owner node - this way the notifications will persist until ownership is taken.

Option 2. 

You could start an SLA timer on assignment to the team, you could then mark response once an owner has taken ownership of the request. In your SLA escalation events for response, you can configure as many reminder notifications (Email or Hornbill Notifications) to them i.e 1 day out from target, 8 hours,  4 hours, 1 hour, even after the target


Hope that helps


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