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Approval to send email


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@chriscorcoran hmmmmm the only thing i can think it that you build something into your business process which governs this

1. Lock the email action on a request raised against that specific service (first step in your business process)

2. Get the email content to be drafted in a custom field on a human task or a custom field on the request 

3. Add an approval into the process, which then requires the service manager to review the email content (get service > ownerid and add this as a variable to the approval)

4. If it is approved use the business process to unlock the email action on the request, which will then allow for an email to be sent manually to the customer 

Obviously this approach maybe very specific to the example given again, but maybe something to consider - i.e using the lock / unlock options from a business process engine to control the ability to manually send emails in a process at different times

Might not be what you need, but thought i would suggest it, in case it could work for you 

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