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Asset Manager - Network Device - Additional fields urgently required


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We need the following fields available for the Network Device class

Hardware Information
- Software Version (Free text)
- Telnet Enabled: (Yes, No,  N/A)
- SSH Enabled: (Yes, No,  N/A)
- HTTP Enabled: (Yes, No,  N/A)
- Username (Free text)
- Backed Up: (Yes, No,  N/A)

(or could we have these under a new "Network Software" section instead?)



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On 11/5/2019 at 12:53 AM, James Ainsworth said:

Hi Samuel,

For these Network Device attributes would it make sense to have these 3 under the Network Information section?


That makes perfect sense @James Ainsworth

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On 11/5/2019 at 12:58 AM, James Ainsworth said:


- Software Version (Free text)
- Username (Free text)
- Backed Up: (Yes, No,  N/A)

Would go under a new Software Information section?  Or should this section be called Firmware Information?

I would expect these to fall under the Software information section, but if a Firmware section can also be added that would be great as I think firmware information can also be captured

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As part of the Service Manager update build 1819 the following Asset fields have been added.

All Asset Classes
General Asset Information
* Purpose

Computer Class
Hardware Information
* Watts

Mobile Class
Mobile Device Information
* Device Name, Device ID, Device Registration State, Compliance State, Compliance Period Expiration, Device Encrypted, Enrolled, Last Sync, MTPAS Access Class
Hardware Information
* Manufacturer, Model, Capacity, IMEI Number, IMSI Number, Serial Number, SIM Number, SIM Type, CPU Info
Network Information
* IP Address, MAC Address
Operating System Information
* Operating System, Operating System Patch Level

Network Device Class
Network Information
* Telnet Enabled, SSH Enabled, HTTP Enabled
Software / Firmware Information
* Version, username, Backed Up

Software Class
Software Information
* Release Date

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