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Re-Authorise using a node

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Hi all, 

Hopefully someone else has tried doing this. 

I'm trying to re-authorise a request after a rejection outcome. 

This is to allow the Agent to select a user with a collaborative license and resend the authorisation email on behalf on the requester. 

I'm trying to achieve this through a Human Task (select the user) then the authorisation node emails that user. See attached 



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@wfmike you should be able to do this. 

I am assuming that you have an authorisation first, then if rejected a chance to rework, then another chance at authorisation? 

Depending on what you want to do you could just give the second chance and then a decision node of rejected>close / accepted>resolved.

We have a similar (slightly more complex) process in place here: 


You will see that it can be rejected at any authorisation point in the red, blue or green sections and it sends it back to the beginning again for re-authorisation by all approving parties. If you want to have the authoriser selected with a human task then you should change the "Auto Assign Authorisation" node and just use a normal one but change the authorisers section to variable and then use the human task capture as the variable. It will look like this:



 I have set the human task to have capture fields to select the authorisers. It takes its info from a simple list for each set of authorisers.



Or you could use the node you have and remove the human task.

Replace the human task node with a "Suspend>Wait for list of request authorisers" node. This will present a key icon in the action bar of the request which will allow the analyst to select multiple authorisers from the co-workers list. More info on that can be found here: Authorisation Action Item Wiki page.

Authorisers will need to be subscribed to the service and have a collaboration licence to be able to approve no matter what method you choose.

Edit: If you mark the request rejected with a "Set stage checkpoint" node you can unset it with another node the same which marks the checkpoint 'false'



Hope that helps :) 

@Victor can you move this page to the correct forum area please :) 

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