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BPM Instances - Break parallel process / Restart from a different node


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I have been using the BPM Instances functionality for while, but I am please at the new functionality that allows us to view running processes.

I have a couple of requests:

  1. Allow a BPM Instance to be restarted from a different node... lets say we made a huge mistake in a process that we cannot go back on, we will likely need to continue from a node earlier or later-on in the process
  2. Allow us to force break a Parallel process - again if we come across a major mistake and we are stuck in a Parallel process we would need to break it to allow the process to continue

I understand there could be implications down the line if other nodes required data that should have been picked up in these nodes, so if we could find a way to catch these before it gets to that stage we could be better prepared to resolve these whilst we resolve the mistake we made at our end with the actual BPM.

Yesterday I had an issue with a BPM where a person already existed in Hornbill was set up as a New Starter instead of a Mover, and no-one realised it until the BPM Instance arrived at the parallel nodes which adds the relevant job roles to that person... of course the BPM failed so i made a slight change (by removing the roles from the User Account, then inputting their name into the Add Roles nodes) not realising i deleted one of the nodes prior to saving the changes... of course i was a bit worried so i refreshed the BPM instance and the node returned... but the BPM ended up being broken in the process and the call cannot progressed from the Parallel process. There are no errors however.  These nodes have no impact on future nodes hence the reason I was hoping i can restart the process from a later node. A bit stuck on this one at the moment.

I just wanted to say node a few more times, as i said node, nodes and nodes of times.



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