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Board Manager icon not appearing on the action bar


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Some calls allow us manually to add calls to board manager as the new icon appears on the action bar.

Not all calls appear with the icon, so I guess I would need to look into the action bar settings for the request types i.e. Incident & Service Requests.


Any ideas whereabouts on the settings I would locate these to enable/add to the action bar.


I will be in the process to enable the calls to be added to the boards automatically via the business process in the near future to avoid the manual work.


Thanks all.

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This is in the Service Config

If you select Services from the Service Manager tile in the main menu you can then select a service you would like to configure from the list and click on the Request Config tab

You can then choose the request type (Incident, Service Request etc) and you will see a list of icons under the Actions heading - you can toggle the BoardManager action on/off here fro that request type in that service


Hope this helps

Trevor H

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