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Can't add a custom button...

Paul Alexander

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Hmmm.....ok, so I've now got this working BUT I had to change the custom fields to custom_a and custom_b (and not custom_39 and custom_40)

Is there some sort of stipulation that you can't use the 'extended' custom fields without using the 'normal' custom fields? 

For instance, I've created a dummy PCF which puts two pieces of text information in to Custom 39 and Custom_40 (with no other custom fields being used). When I log this request, there is nothing in the two custom fields....however, if I change these fields to custom_a and custom_b, the information DOES get entered where it should (I realise this is unlikely to happen in a 'real world' scenario, but it's confused me a tad!!) 

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Regarding the original issue, I think this is likely to be caused by the configuration for the custom buttons being too large.  I presume you have a configured multiple custom buttons here, it is probably the case that adding the new button puts the configuration of the size limit.  I will raise a defect for this.


Trevor Harris

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@Steve Giller

This seems to be only when trying to invoke the ibridge for me. 

I CAN create a button if I choose the 'open url' option. But if I try to use the 'invoke iBridge' option that is when I get the error.

This happens even if I create a button using the 'open url' option (which DOES work)  and then try to change it to 'invoke ibridge'. 

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