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Help viewing all active tickets logged by contacts within the same company

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Can someone please help me or tell me what setting i need to enable so that all contacts within an organisation are able to see all tickets logged by members of the same company? 


I have added two contacts into the same organisation but when we look at the customer portal under active tickets, i can't see all the tickets i am expecting to see. Also i am not sure how it should be displayed, i would have thought it would show something like, my organisation tickets.

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Hi @David Longley,

Go to the Organisation in question, and open the "Requests" section and look for the words "Portal Access".


In here you will see your list of contacts for that Organisation and you can enable "Organisation View" for those contacts that you want to be able to see all requests raised by people of the same company (Organisation).


In the Customer Portal, the contact should then be able to select between "My Requests" & "My Organisation's Requests"


Hope this helps.


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