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Email Routing: Block Emails from Particular Domain


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So we are looking at configuring the Hornbill mailbox to auto-log tickets when an email is sent in.

As this will be turned on for all emails coming in, we would like to be able to block/blacklist particular domain addresses so they would be actioned as emails and not auto-logged as tickets.

Is there a configuration that can be done within Hornbill to achieve this?




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@aykut.boyraz The routing rule expressions are essentially SQL statements so the easiest way to meet your requirement would be to add to your existing expression something like:

AND fromAddress NOT LIKE '%@BlockedDomain.com' 

Obviously replacing BlockedDomain.com with the domain you want to block. You could use the fromDomain instead, I recommend trying it out to see what works best for you


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Thank you very much @Conor; we have little SQL knowledge on this side unfortunately; but always happy to ask Mr. Google :)

That definitely has helped block the domain; however off the back of this, how can we have it so the email we wish to reject, stays in the original mailbox in Outlook rather than be sent to mailbox within Hornbill where it currently would sit (once rejected)?


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@aykut.boyraz You could only achieve that by having rules set up on Exchange that move the emails that you do not want in Hornbill out of the Exchange Inbox that they are retrieved from.

This would be one for you Exchange Admins to look at, as it would take place before there was any interaction with Hornbill at all.

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