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Automatic Email - Request Type


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We're looking at automating the logging of all emails into Service Manager.


We only publish one support email address so so currently the analysts manually raise an incident or a service request at the point of receiving the email. The Routing Rule Templates has request type as mandatory, so request must either be an Incident or a Service request if the rule is applied.


Can anyone advise a solution that allows all email to be automated but distinguish between the two request types?



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1 hour ago, David_Wilson said:

nothing i can think of, all request drop into the one mailbox

Ok, on what basis an analyst decides one is an incident the other is service request?

42 minutes ago, David_Wilson said:

Is it possible to select the associated service once  ticket has been logged?

No. The service s associated to the request at the time the request is logged. It cannot be changed afterwards (for a variety of reasons).

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2 minutes ago, David_Wilson said:

Review of he actual request, simply put if its some one reporting fault its an incident if they're asking for something its a service request.

Then I don't see how routing rules can distinguish between the two since they require a human eye to make the distinction :(

Try and see if you can start promoting self-service portal? Much more option and flexibility there...

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