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Enhancement: Ability to create new calendars

Dan Munns

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With more and more teams using SM and PM it would be of great use to be able to create calendars. This way we could have a change calendar, project calendar, business calendar and provide access only to those that need it. 

Everyone adding there own changes to the only change calendar (we have 1 central and 4 satellite change teams and that is only including the change teams from one business) means it soon becomes a total nightmare to read. 

Plus the ability to be able to add projects and programmes to calendars would make life a lot easier for planning.

I get that some people would prefer everything on the same calendar (maybe keep a central calendar that is an amalgamation of all calendars) but that isn't how we work and ideally we would need one per change team plus at least one for the projects team. As well as other IT teams who would more than likely love the extra functionality.

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