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Defect: Users unable to add attachments

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I have had a few users report to me that they are unable to add attachments to requests. So far this has been via the PC and the portal. 

I can add attachments fine. We had a similar issue with PM where normal users couldnt add attachments but I could.

Could this be looked at quite quickly please as we have a number of request types where attachments are mandatory and currently these cannot be logged. 



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We have raised this as a support ticket that @Victor is investigating - we find its only Internet Explorer that has this issue (Chrome/ Firefox) allow uploads.

Could this be the reason you are ok and your customers are not?


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IE is the business default, although we are looking to push out Chrome to all users. 

Still, lots of users will never use Chrome as they have what they like and wont want to change.

I use Chrome or Vivaldi (Chrome based browser) with no issues. Not sure if the PM issue was permissions or browser compatibility though. 

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