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Adding changes to a board with a BPM


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@David_Wilson silly question, so apologises but i thought i better start with this.   

There are possibly two different type of boards.

1. Boards in the Service Manager app - 


2. The standalone Board's app


If you have created a board in the Service Manager Boards feature, then it will not show in the business process node you have chosen > Hornbill Boards Manager > Entity > Card > Add to Board, however if you use the following business process node, does it show up?

Hornbill Service Manager > Entity > Boards > Add to Board(request) > Add request to board?


Both are perfectly valid types of boards to use, the Service Manager boards were boards v1 before we released the Boards Manager App - so you are free to use either.  

The only consideration is that only Service Manager Boards will show in the Service Manager > Add to Boards list, and only Board Manager Boards will appear in the Boards Manager > Add to Boards list

If it is not this please let us know



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