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Service Portfolio Icon Customisation


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Good morning,


So we are currently in the process of creating an external facing customer portal that will be categorised based on the software the customer is seeking support on. As it stands, we are having to use very generic icons that have no relevance to the category.


I believe it will be a massive value added if we were able to upload our own icons; as it will make it clearer for the end user. 


Currently we are able to add icons to our organisations sections which helps massively (see below); as this is the case, can we not replicate this for the category icons also?

[ADMIN EDIT: Image Removed]

Thank you and kind regards



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Hi Hornbill team,

I would appreciate it if you can advise on whether there is any appetite for this.  My organisation would find it very useful and a positive addition to the customer experience.   Conscious that this was initially raised 4 - 5 years ago so I would like to think that in that time, someone has assessed this suggestion.

We would like to be able to upload the logos of all our Market Services and add them to the Customer Portal as a bare minimum.  I look forward to hearing from you.  thank you

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Hi @Bukola

Thanks for your post.

We have had a couple of customers ask about the icons in the past.  The icons that we use are font icons.  They are a type of vector icon that allows for easy changing of colour and size depending on where they are being viewed.  This allows us to easily adapt these icons when using visual aspects like dark mode.  An icon that represents a service can be seen in many different places and each of these places may need to display the icon in a different size or colour. The font icons allow for this without any loss in quality or distortion to the image.  With the vast number of screen sizes that can also be used, these font icons work extremely well.

The addition of jpg or other types of standard image files could potentially create a situation where the different themes and views become out of line with the size, shape, and colour.  To facilitate all the different sizes, colours, and themes for a single icon, multiple image files will normally have to be uploaded and managed. Even then there is no guarantee that they will be right.  We have looked into options in the past and it is something that we will continue to consider going forward, but there are no short-term plans at the moment.  The requirement is to find a solution that continues to be easy for our customers to use while maintaining a clean user interface and allowing for multiple themes. 

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