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Performance Issues - Morning Time

Will J Douglas

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We seem to be having intermittent performance issues with Hornbill first thing in the morning 9am or so.

We are on GMT+4 which is 3 hours ahead of UK in the Summer / 4 hours ahead rest of the year.

This morning, when picking up a request it's taking 10s + just for the priority drop down to populate.  then it hung for 10s+  when selecting an analyst for assignment.

I'm not sure if we are hitting your backup windows due to the timezone or when there is a scheduled database job running or something similar.

It does resolve itself and performance picks up later on, its just generally feels more sluggish in the morning.






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@Will J Douglas

These might coincide with the maintenance window on your instance when platform builds are applied, if it is quite intermittent. The setting to check is autoUpdate.maintenanceWindow with the value being specified as UTC. We have modified the ours in the screenshot below, but I believe the default is 01:00 to 05:00 UTC.


f you have not already, it is worth updating the autoUpdate.notifyOnUpdate setting, adding your email to the list so you get notified as well. You use the ; as a email separator.



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