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Prevent customers from commenting on closed requests


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With the information provided in the below ticket I would like to add a development request to be able to prevent customers from commenting on closed tickets in the customer and service portals.


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18 hours ago, Adambingley said:

Not sure exactly how this would work if the customers simply respond to the resolution e-mail.




In our resolution template the customer is informed that they "cannot" reply to the email. We also don't have the request ID in the subject of resolution mails to prevent routing rules from kicking in.

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I wanted to let you know that the ability to make a closed request "Read Only" to customers on the Customer Portal and the Employee portal is now available as of Service Manager Build 1919.



These settings will make the timeline in a request read only so that a customer cannot continue to update or add comments to an existing post within the Timeline. The closed request will only be available for reference.

Customer Portal Setting: guest.servicemanager.portal.requests.readOnlyClosedRequests

Employee Portal Setting: servicemanager.portal.requests.readOnlyClosedRequests

I hope this helps.



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