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Hornbill Service Manager (1667)

Guest Chaz

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Hi Everyone,

Happy to say that the latest build of Service Manager (1667) has been released to live:

What's New:

  • CH00150650 - You can now suspend your Business Process and wait for customer feedback before progressing
  • CH00151586 - When choosing a Catalog Item as part of your custom View, the items are now listed alphabetically
  • CH00153862 - Use a variable when assigning a Request to a Team through your Business Process
  • CH00154599 - When adding a Connection to a Request you can now optionally provide a comment to give more context for their inclusion
  • CH00154724 - You can now use email templates associated to the various Request types when sending an email through your Business Process
  • CH00156471 - Authorisers of a Change Request now have access to a read-only view of the Request's details in the Employee portal
  • CH00152252 - Snippets are now available in the Resolution tab of a Request
  • CH00153335 - Introducing a filter to make it easier to find the View you're looking for
  • CH00153798 - All Service Manager Progressive Capture forms support the ability to provide an 'Info Message' to help you give more context about what or why the form needs to be filled in
  • 'Feedback Rating' is now available as an option in the Variable Picker when 'Get Request Information > Request Details' Hornbill Automation is included in your Business Process
  • CH00156597 - There are 3 new reports available in Service Manager Reporting
  • CH00153975 - As a Process Designer i would like an option to Get the Current Team Information to use it's information in my process

What's Changed

  • KE00156837 - Additional filters added to the Assets form in Progressive Capture to help you find Assets associated to the customer's Services and related Organizations

What's Fixed

  • PM00155211 - Searching for Requests in the Customer portal will now return results from your organisation if you've been granted access to view them
  • PM00156710 - You were unable to select an end time that was earlier than the start time, even if the days were different
  • PM00156018 - The SAVE button was not always enabled when making changes to an existing View
  • PM00156107 - Assessments would fail to update if you provided a value of more than 100 as the weight
  • PM00156511 - If there was an error when exporting the Request or Assets list the error message was not presented to the user
  • PM00156756 - The Employee portal will no longer show the 'Requests Awaiting Feedback' option on the landing page if there are no Requests awaiting feedback
  • PM00156757 - If the Service Level was changed against a Request the targets shown in the Request List were not updated
  • PM00156778 - The description of a Routing Rule Template can now be up to 300 characters (up from 255)
  • PM00156783 - If a Request fails to log because a the Service form was made mandatory but no Service was selected, you will now be able to try to log the Request again
  • PM00156839 - The ability to add an update to more than one Request at a time was not available
  • PM00156851 - When composing an email on a Request, selecting and removing text would cause the cursor to jump to the end of the email instead of remaining where it was
  • PM00156864 - The last timeline entry was not always available as part of the {{RequestLastActivity.H_content}} variable in email templates
  • PM00156869 - Users that were subscribed to, but did not support a Service could not see images added to FAQs in Service portal
  • PM00156879 - FAQs created by non-English speakers were not available to Users with other languages
  • PM00156887 - When choosing a default Workflow for a Service, long names were not truncated making the drop down box larger than it needed to be
  • PM00157040 - Improved the performance of the Request list, Charts and when exporting your Request list data
  • PM00157053 - When sending emails to the members of a group, archived and suspended Users were not excluded
  • PM00157172 - Improved how Assets are searched for when using custom forms in Progressive Capture
  • PM00157189 - When choosing the default Email template for a Service, you could not select templates that had a . at the start of their name
  • PM00157117 - Requests that belong to a retired Service can now be viewed in the Portals
  • The Quick Search feature had stopped working in Firefox
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