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Change dates from progressive capture


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I'm trying to use a progressive capture to get the dates of a change and then apply them to change calendar.


I'm using a custom form in the capture to write to h_start_time and h_end_time however no changes are populating inthe calendar.


Has anyone else manged to do it this way?




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@David_Wilson this is certainly possible, just not via the progressive capture mapping route.

If you get your dates in progressive capture, you can then in the supporting business process use a get request info node > Progressive Capture Answers, and follow this with this node:


You can then inject the answers from your progressive capture (as variables) into the start time (from variable) and end time (from variable) fields

Set these fields to manual, then use the variable picker to inject the answers from your custom PCF.


Hope that helps


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Thanks Steve,

Think I'm on the right path but still not quite getting it to land in the change Calendar 

I've injected the start and end dates:



This is the full variable: h_start_time&[functions.pcf("frm_ChangeImplementationTime","h_start_time")]


Any help gratefully received.



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Hi David,

I just wanted to see if you ever found a solution to this. One thing I have come across is that if the start and end date are the same, it does not get added to the Change Calendar.  I was wondering if this may have been the case that when testing you were using the same dates/times.

I have this working on my own workflow so I wanted to make sure that you too have it working.



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