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dates wrong in job(PCF Questions)


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We have a worrying issue.

We have a PCF+BPM that supports our staff booking on external training. This includes a few date fields. (Departure, arrival, etc)

One of our admin staff who undertakes the booking of these had printed the job and noticed the dates on the printed sheet, were different from those displayed on the screen (within Service Manager)

Given that these are used to book hotels/travel/etc these discrepancies are extremely problematic.

I've attached a screenshot of a print preview and native view of the job.


This appears to be the case for most of the jobs I can find.

Interestingly when you click print in the interface in chrome it shows the preview, when you click cancel and return to the job it's Questions layout is different (longer) and the dates are correct. When then clicking between the pages it's then wrong again.

I'll try and grab a video screen cap to show what I mean.

Dates Wrong.png

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The PCF captures different things depending on the the users needs.


One of those scenarios include 2 pairs of dates (departure and return for travel, and arrival and departure of the conference)

It appears to be only those that are causing this issue. I think.

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