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lee mcdermott

Live chat configuration info required

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We are considering trying the Live chat. However initially we want to use it as part of a project for the roll out of a new service.


As such is it possible to enable Live Chat so that it is only available from the user portal for a individual service? So for example when logging into the portal and then selecting a particular service the live chat would then be available?


My concern is if live chat became available for all services for all users they would start using it  for normal BAU issues which we don't want initially.


I assume we could just assign the correct role to those people involved in the project - would this mean only they could see the chat window when they log in?

However if it was possible to make it visible by accessing certain services we could then slowly rollout it out to more people.


any help or info would be most appreciated.



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Hi Lee,

There are not any controls at the moment that limit the Chat to a particular service. It works as a separate app from Service Manager, but has some plug-ins to raise a request from a chat session.  

Hope this helps.



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@James Ainsworth

thanks james.

What happens if I click install via the add more apps in admin console?


Do I need to put a PO through or official request first or do I install and select how many agents I want then get charged after?

Whats the process?



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