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Looking for some advice on the approach for a comprehensive service catalogue. Naturally with your self-service portal services you want to keep the list to a certain maximum services so that the portal isn't unusable or confusing. 

With Supportworks you could allows users to manually subscribe to a much longer list style view of services they are not automatically subscribed to based on their site or any other attribute. How have people approached this with Service Manager? 

The idea I have for when the new portals function is available (as demonstrated at Insights) is to utilise a secondary portal called "IT Service Catalogue" which is an exhaustive list of all of our services to further increase the uptake on the portal. Would love to get peoples thoughts on this for large organisations that have hundreds of services and instead of squeezing lots of them into high level categories and having long lists of catalogue items and complex progressive captures as a result of losing service level functionality.  

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