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Group Picker - Cost Centers (Organisation ID showing)


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I have noticed that the cost center picker also shows the Organisational ID in the ticket in Hornbill.

This is causing issues if we use this variable for the summary on tickets. Is there a way so that it will show just the name instead of the Name & Organisational ID.

Please see screen shots

See result of using this group picker:


It has been doing this for a while now but it never used to.


Using this code for the summary: [Device Integration issue] &[functions.pcf("DeviceIntegration","h_custom_e")] in: &[functions.pcf("DeviceIntegration","h_custom_b")] Bedspace/Room: &[functions.pcf("DeviceIntegration","h_custom_c")]

This bit being the group picker: &[functions.pcf("DeviceIntegration","h_custom_b")]





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