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Date control - Override date range selection

Gareth Watkins

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We currently use the date range selection on a business process in order to limit what dates can be selected by the customer in the progressive capture. 

The date range is between 5 business days into the future to 180 days in the future. Customers should not be able to select any date prior to 5 business days and certainly not before the current day.

We have however received a call where a customer was able to type the date in the field in the format dd-mm-yyyy, which then allows them to override the date selection and input any date they want. This effectively renders the date range selection tool useless and could cause issues with calls logged.

I tried this myself and was able to repeat the result inputting any date I wanted if I used hyphens between the date numbers. It should be noted that it did not work when forward or back slashes were used in the same manner.

Is there any way this can be deactivated so a customer cannot free type a date into the field using hyphens? I have attached a screen shot of the prog cap below to show how it is currently set up.





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Hi @Gareth Watkins,

Was able to partially replicate problem. As you are also using calendar here so I expect that some dates in that range were also excluded - this is the part where I was able to replicate by manually entering a date. But in every other case I could not select or manually write date outside the range.
Could you check again if this is the case and you are able to write dates (in range) that are not valid but not to go outside the range?

Thank you,

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Hi Miro. I was able to write for dates in the range that are locked out. (weekends) and also for dates outside the range altogether in the same manner.

The format used was dd-mm-yyyy. i tried using \ & / between the dates and it would not let me continue, however using the hyphens bypassed this.

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