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Embedding images into procap form

David Longley

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Hi David

I do not think you can currently add images to the PC questions as I previously wanted to insert a guide - I think instead I have placed a guide on the Documents page, and provided a link to our Customers if we have something we want them to view when completing the questions on a PC.

That being said, it would be very handy to be able to insert images as part of a PC !

Many thanks

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@David Longley @Adrian Simpkins you should be able to use wiki markup for this and insert images etc 

Info on this is available on the wiki here: 


You can use this with with the label type fields for sure, and a working example is available on the sandbox instance.

admin.hornbill.com/demo - login as grahamc password: H0rnbill go to progressive capture and VPN Access 2


Take a look under the Internet Access node and the first Info field


Granted this is a Label field above and or below the actual question, but it allows you to achieve something like below:


Hope this helps


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