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Search Functionality Troubled After Earlier Outage

Alistair Young

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Hi all, 

We had a brief service outage earlier this morning and our instance seems to have become troubled afterwards.

For example: if I paste a ticket number into the search field it won't return any results. Where I already have a ticket open, I can edit the URL and add the ticket I'm looking for and it'll appear.

The Ops team is telling me that the search functionality has all but died, where they can only retrieve tickets that were raised within the last few hours but nothing older than that.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Hi Alistar, 

There is some information on this wiki page about indexing.  It sounds like an indexing issue to me.  You do have the ability to perform the indexing yourself.  Some customers prefer this to be done by Hornbill Support.  The time it takes to perform a full index depend greatly on the amount of records in your system.  Running full indexes should always be done with this in mind.  It could take several seconds to many hours to complete. This should be down out of hours to minimize performance impact.

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