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Defect: Data missing from report

Dan Munns

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I have created a report and when running it via the data preview it shows all the data in the description field. However when I run the report to .csv/.xls/.xlxs/.pdf the description has the middle of the field contracted and replaced with ...

This contraction is removing the data I am actually interested in for the report.

Is there a way of stopping the actual report from doing this?



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Not to worry can replicate it it fine. Server team are looking at it....need to ascertain why this was done. Maybe for display purposes in a pdf but for xls, csv i wouldn't have expected it to cut it out.

Will let you know what server team say.


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@Dan Munns,

So server team is fixing so the text is not cut in the middle but instead will do a left trim. We do not allow reporting on the full length of TEXT fields as, well, it could be any length and in past reports have caused servers to grind to a halt because of reporting on full length of data. There is an existing setting reporting.reports.maxFieldLength  that you can set to a maximum of 4096. By default this is set to 1024 (i believe)...so that will be your first port of call, change that setting to 4096.

Once fix is released the data will be trimmed from char 0 to 4096 (if that is what you change setting to).


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