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I've arrived this morning and found that Hornbill is not working for us today. We get a "Could not connect to the Service" message.


Checking the instance shows:

Status Check

Instance Health Check Fail

The service specified is not available: system

and another message saying:

We have detected a problem with your instance, please wait 2 minutes and try again

I've waited 2 minutes several times and it is still down I'm afraid.

Can someone look into this?

Is this just us?



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Dear Chris,

The root cause was that an automatic update of services stalled on your instance as 1 thread could not be terminated.  This meant the request to STOP the main Server Service was stalled on stopping and never completed. The resolve was to kill the offending process and restart. 

This has highlighted an oversight in our monitoring during updates which we will now address as we should have been informed of the issue before you noticed any error so that we could take action.  We are also investigating the root cause as to why the service failed to stop in a timely fashion. 

We hope this clarifies the issue and should you require any further information please feel free to ask. 

Kind Regards

Keith Stevenson

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Not sure if this is linked but when I do a health check on our Instance I am getting a similar message as Chris (Instance Health Check Fail), and our LDAP logs are showing some errors since they last run around 7am yesterday:

[ERROR] Unable to write Import History: You do not have rights to access the table: h_sys_imports_history

[ERROR] Unable to Connect to Instance


Many thanks as always !

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