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Amending a name of a Service (already Live)


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Hi there


Can I please enquire what the impact would be if a live service is renamed, the service is live on our self service portal.

Looks like the 'Division' name may need amending also.


It would also then be handy to know whereabouts one would need to go to make the amendment as well as confirmation of the user requires the 'Services Manager' role. 


Once I have the information I will pass it over to the 'powers of be' to apply the change:).




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In Service Manager you click on the 'Pencil' edit button on the Service Details page to edit the details of the service including the Service Name.

In terms of any other knock on changes that will depend if you have used the 'Service Name' as a criteria in any of your Progressive Capture or Business Process, rather than the 'ServiceId' value which does not change. You can obtain the 'ServiceId' from the URL as it is the number at the end of the URL when viewing the service in Service Portfolio.

As you point out you will need the 'Services Manager' role to do this.



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