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Importing contacts via CSV

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@David Longley

There is a separate tool provided by Hornbill to import external contacts. 

Wiki - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/SQL_Contact_Import

Download from GitHub - https://github.com/hornbill/goDb2HcontactImport

We used this a number of time to import contacts from SQL Server and MySQL sources. Note you have to pre-create the external organisation first.



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@David Longley we are talking about customer organisations, right? Not Hornbill organisations (the ones you set in admin tool - companies)...

Should you wait? Ermm ...well it depends.. I take it you don't really want to do it manually so I would wait for it ...should not be more than a few days, possibly end of week... unless you really want to do it manually and/or it can't wait for few more days :)


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@David Longley just to clarify a few things:

Importing Contacts: we already have (and had for a while) a tool for such purpose, it can be found on Hornbill github here: https://github.com/hornbill/goDb2HcontactImport

Importing Organisations: we have deployed a brand new utility this evening for such purposes, it can now be found on Hornbill Github here: https://github.com/hornbill/goHornbillOrgImport

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