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Suppress time in date/time custom field in Email Template


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I have a activity which requires the person completing it to enter a date. Just a date, no time. I want to use that date in an email template. However, when I set up the template, I get the date and a time of 01:00:00.

Is there a way to suppress the time on the template?



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I'm having issues with this and am guessing its something i've done wrong with the integration call...

In email template the time shows in UK format but with the time at the end... image.png.fa5a38ac1eeb7999b488d3f148708119.png

I've added the Integration call to BPM just before it sends the email 



but its not working... i tried the formatting shown on the Wiki article and as below and neither makes a difference.  

What am I doing wrong?  I ran a query on the h_custom_21 field contents in database direct and its stored as DD/MM/YY HH:MM - and it all displays fine within tasks/call details etc.

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