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I have a few queries about scheduled/followed-up activities having set up some this morning:

1) When an activity has been generated as a follow-up activity, it doesn't include any attachments from the original activity. Is this intended behaviour?
2) When you schedule an activity in advance, you cannot see it as it is only raised on the day it is scheduled for. To assist with resource planning, we'd like to be able to see an activity that has been scheduled before the day it is due on. (I know when a follow-up activity is raised you can see it in advance, however this requires the person completing the activity to remember to click follow-up on its completion)
3) When you have scheduled an activity, you are the only person that can amend the properties of that scheduled job. Is this something that can be amended? If that person leaves, you cannot change that scheduled task.


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Hi @Lauren,

Sorry for the delay, many people are on holidays these days.

Answering your questions...

1. It is intended behaviour that attachments are not being copied. Only the basic details are being copied over.

2. Follow Up and Scheduled Jobs are very different behaviours. A scheduled Job is automatic (unlike follow up) and the activity is created when the schedule is set to do it, therefore is impossible for it to be displayed in the list before. Follow Up can not be programatically created as the Schedule Job does.

3. At the moment there is no option to change ownership of a scheduled job, but we will have in the Admin Tool an option to re-assign these, similar to how you change owner of a workspace or a document.



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