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Email font inconsistencies


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Fonts and font sizes seem to act as if the choice is a toggle. This leads to frustrations and inconsistencies when we are creating templates and when we draft an email within a request (in preview mode, which we use for the necessary advanced features). You cannot seem to highlight all and set the font and size to the same thing unless they all started as the same font/size to begin with. 

Video of issue attached. 

As always, appreciate your help. 

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Hello Nanette,

It's not about choosing fonts it's about the way selecting them behaves. You can highlight words, select a font size and they change. If you do the same and select the same font size they toggle back to what they were originally. 

State > Action > State

A > Change to B > B

B > Change to B > A


Whereas it should be

B > Change to B > B

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