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Request(s) assigned to a User who is marked as unavailable

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

Currently our BPM's activities are set to assign to the owner of the request rather than the team they belong to, so I was trying to understand the following scenario and how this may have been handled:

- User accepts a request, and it is still in an open state with activities pending, or it is put on hold awaiting an update of some sort

- User marks themselves as Unavailable (for holiday, illness, whichever option they select)

- Request receives an update from Customer but the User is still marked as not available, or a request comes out of on hold so now Open and waiting an action against the unavailable User.

What I am trying to understand is how we should handle these types of requests, as we would ideally want another Analyst to pick this call up in their absence - is there a global setting perhaps to force notification of requests like this to the Users Team so that another Analyst is aware and can pick up the request in the original Users absence?

We are planning to use Round Robin to assign new requests so our Analysts will not necessarily be looking at the request list to manually pickup these requests.

I am sure this has been raised previously, but my searches on the Forum have not been successful so far !

Many thanks

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@Adrian Simpkins probably the closest notification to what you require would be the following settings which will notify the entire team regardless of their availability:


Portal Update

These settings will notify the request owner or team members when a customer updates a request using one of the portals

  • Notification Types
  • guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.portalUpdateTeam
Notifications will be sent to all members of a team if a customer updates a request via the Customer or Service portals.

Email Update

Used these settings to notify the request owner or team members when a request has been updated by an incoming email, either automatically using the Routing Rules, or manually.

  • Notification Type
  • guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.emailUpdateTeam
Notifications will be sent to all members of a team if a request which is assigned to them is updated via email
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