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Workaround field in Email template


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@LawesD the h_workaround is an attribute of the Problem Entity, and up to this point you have not been able to send email templates using variables from the extended attributes of the problem, change etc entities.  I am pleased to say, in the next Service Manager update you will be able via the business process engine, choose to send an email template from any entity - so in this case, if you create an email template under the problem entity (in the admin console), you will be able in your business process - be able to send an email containing the problems workaround information.

Choose, Problems from the entity list:


Workaround variable:



In the next Service Manager update, due later this week (or early next) you will be able to specify an Email Template Entity as well as the email template.   This will allow you to send emails defined against any of the entities in Hornbill, in your case here your problem records. 


Hope this helps 



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