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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1616)

Guest Chaz

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What's New

  • CH00150233 - When placing a Request on-hold via 'Requests > Update Request > Place On Hold' Hornbill Automation, you can now decide whether Working Time Calendar should be taken into consideration
  • CH00156758 - You can now retrieve details of an email via 'Requests > Get Request Information > Source Email Details' Hornbill Automation when the source of a Request is an email
  • CH00151583 - You can now choose between 'Current Month' and 'Previous Month' filters for date input fields when creating a Request list View
  • CH00152311 - You can now associate a Site to a Request via the Variable Picker through your business process
  • CH00156499 - Emails sent to co-workers as part of your business process can now use a variable to determine who the recipient is
  • As part of refactoring for API hardening, a new role 'Hornbill Service Manager Integrations' has been introduced. This role must also be applied to any user accounts used to enable the Hornbill Clean Utility, Request Data Migration Tools and any other integrations to third party applications you may have developed for importing Request data for them to continue to work. This does not affect existing LDAP and Azure imports.

What's Fixed

  • PM00155175 - Performance improvements to help improve the speed of applying emails to Requests
  • PM00155175 - When printing the details of a Request, the Raised By and Customer sections were combined for some request types
  • PM00156515 - The My Services view could not show all of the new Font Awesome icons
  • PM00156633 - Non-latin characters could cause data to disappear when a Service Manager report was exported as a PDF
  • PM00156017 - The sub-status of a Request was reset if the business process closed the Request, but not if it was done manually
  • PM00156706 - The General asset class was not available when uploading new Assets
  • PM00156710 - When scheduling a change you cannot select an earlier end '''time''' than the start time, even if the days are different
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