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Human Task - Scheduled tasks


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When you create manual task there is the option to schedule the task to run every day/week/month etc with options (as below), however when creating a human task in the BPM these options are not allowed. Is there a way to perform these or will this be feature request?


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Hi Jeremy,

The tasks that are created as part of a workflow are designed to work with and drive outcomes that are used as part of the workflow to provides decision making and possibly change the direction of a workflow or pause the workflow until a task is completed.  A scheduled task is an ongoing event that could possibly outlive the life of the BPM that created it.

Do you have a use case so that I can understand how you see this working as part of a BPM?

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@James Ainsworth with our problem process we are looking to remind our team on a weekly basis to check for updates on requests via BPM tasks. We thought about achieving this via scheduled tasks created at the beginning of the BPM which repeat, we can then either remove the scheduled tasks once the Problem is resolved or remove them via a BPM if possible.

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