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Link Business Process and Email Routing

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I have created an email rule which will create service request when fall into defined category. When created ticket, it is not assigned to any team and there is no priority defined.

I have created a business process as well where I have mention what priority it should have and which team it should be assigned to. I need to know how I can link these processes.


Email Routing.JPG

Business Process Email Routing.JPG

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@Prem Prakash gautam in addition to Steve's advice,  you can have the workflow spawning on requests raised by routing rules in two ways:

1. Use Routing Rule Templates (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Routing_Rule_Templates). The template allows you to specify a service, catalog item, team, priority at the routing rule level. The workflow that spawns on requests raised by the routing rule is configured on the catalog item or the service (in order of precedence). Routing rule templates can be used in conjunction with "raiseNewRequest" operation.

2. If not using Routing Rule Templates (meaning not use "raiseNewRequest" operation) then the workflow that will be used on requests raised via the routing rule is picked up on varios places depending on your configuration. When Hornbill chooses what workflow to spawn on request it will look in the following locations (in order): catalog item, service, application setting. When not using "raiseNewRequest" operation there isn't an option to specify any of the above and as such the workflow will be selected as follows: if app.email.routing.rules.default.service.* application setting (the * is replaced with the request type) is configured it will be this service used on the request. The workflow that spawns then will be the one defined on the service. If no value for the default service then it will pick up the workflow configured on app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.* (the * is replaced with the request type). For example, if one would use "logOrUpdateServiceRequest" operation the workflow that spawn on request raised this way is the workflow configured under "app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.service".

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