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Which timer takes precedence?

Adrian Simpkins

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I was hoping someone could clarify which timer takes precedence within the activity field please? We have turned on the Timesheet options on our services just to have a look at the output in the reports as the automatic capture of time spent is our preferred option to capture our Analysts working times, and I had some questions around the timers in the activity node.

The screen shot below shows two timers within it, and we also have the automatic timer turned on for activity actions against this service - can you confirm which of these 3 timers would take precedence please? Would it be the auto timer set against the Service, the manual timer in top right corner, or the time selection in the bottom left corner?

Also, I have tried using the manual timer in the top right corner but I still had to select a value from the drop downs in the bottom right ? I started / finished the manual timer with a value of around 2 minutes, but I could not move the activity on without selecting a value from the Time Spent drop downs, so even though I wanted to register 2 minutes on an activity I could only select a minimum of 5 minutes?

And finally, if the time is being captured automatically against the service should these 2 manual timers still be showing in the activity node? Would they no longer be required if it is auto capturing time spent on activities?

Many thanks as always


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Hi All

OK I now understand this a bit better since the updates, and I believe it is not automatically recording time in an action, the User either starts the timer on the node or records their time spent directly in their Timesheet window.

However I am still unsure which of the 2 timers in the Activity window takes precedence - would it be the timer in the top right, or the time drop down list in the bottom left?

Many thanks

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins, sorry I missed this post completely.

The timer in the top right is a plugin from Timesheet Manager. If you don't have the Timesheet Manager application installed you will never see this. When you enter a value here (and optionally specify a default category) the data is written directly into Timesheet Manager.

The timer in the middle of the task/activity under the Complete/Time Spent headings is a field against the task. Anything recorded here is NOT written into Timesheet Manager. 

We are currently in the process of adding plenty of functionality into Timesheet Manager and this is one of those areas that needs to be 'cleaned up' as such. Hopefully this will change soon with more updates and hopefully this explains what is going on with this form.


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Hi Alex

Thanks again for the clarification - this will allow me to advise Users how to make best practice when recording time spent on a request, and ensure they record against the Timesheet correctly.

Many thanks, and I look forward to the future changes !

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