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Timeline Updates - inconsistency


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When a BPM goes through the nodes it seems to perform the actions as the customer (initially) or analyst (as soon as it gets an owner) dependant on who 'logged or owned' the requests see below:


These actions should be performed by the System BPM not a person surely.....

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1 hour ago, Jeremy said:

These actions should be performed by the System BPM not a person surely.....

They are :) ...performed by the BP.

Everything that happens in Hornbill happens in a user context. Everything. BPE does not have "a user", as such any actions performed by workflow have to use something else. The above request was raised by Jeremy. When a request is raised it will also spawn a workflow. This is part of the raising a request mechanism. When the workflow spawns the BPE needs a user to perform the designed actions as such it will use the context of the user that raised the request, therefore you see the assignment, prioritisation (all performed by the BP) having Jeremy user context. You may see actions performed by the workflow in other users context, depending on what user progressed the workflow. For example, if a workflow is suspended waiting for... I don't know... let's say waiting for request owner. If another user assigns the request which resumes the workflow which does a bunch of other actions, all other actions will be in the context of the user that did the assignment because it was that user who performed an action that triggered the process to do a bunch of other stuff...

Even when there is no user that triggers the workflow do do something, like for example when having a node that expires, it will still be a user context when the expiry is reached, in this case a "System Internal Context" user...


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