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Google Sheets Integration

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Is there a way once a spreadsheet has been updated that you can add further data to the end of a row?

e.g. if we add data to a sheet from column A to E on one row as part of the BPM and then later want to add more data to column F & G later in the same row as part of the BPM...Is this possible?

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@Steve G this is the issue, we do not know the row number. The only information that is the same is the job reference number that we include in the sheet, is there a way to return in the first integration call the row that was created?

Then we can reference this as a variable in the update Row parameter?

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@Jeremy Yeah that makes sense, I've added a new output parameter to both the Sheets operations that will contain the row number that has been updated/appended. I've just released them to live, so your instance should have the updates in the next 5 minutes.

Let me know how you get on with this.



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