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Email Notification Escalation Event


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We've come across an issue regarding escalation events where there is no assigned owner. We have escalation events configured to send an email notification to the owner and line manager of the owner but these are sometimes not triggered due to the fact that the request has no assigned owner - usually this is because they're assigned to a team rather than an individual at the point of the email notification being sent.

Is there a way that the system can identify the user listed as the Manager or TeamLeader of that team as per the team membership? 


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Hi Lauren,

There isn't an option for the Team Manager or Team Leader as defined in Administration.  I will look to see if this is something we can add.  There is the option for Team. This would give a request that has escalated a much wider audience which would include the Manager.   There is always a chance that the Team Manager may miss the escalation email so notifying the entire team may be beneficial.



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