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Help creating a custom column

David Longley

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I am trying to create a new custom column in the 'request list' view. I have created my column called: Description and mapped this to custom 30




i then go into my ProCap form and update the Field ID TO: h_custom_30




i log my ticket but no value is being populated in my custom column, I guess I am doing something wrong?



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hi @Victor, the field was meant to be a text field. I will remove Custom 30.  Below is a list of options available:




what do you suggest i select? i did try this: image.png.a0c4fa138d20faa021e3ab28a8609ca8.png but it has not displayed any value. I chose Custom O as i read that i can hold up to 255 characters. Do i have the field ID is typed correctly? I want to include text in this field. 

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