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iBridge error creating a Project

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


I'm not sure if this is a Service Manager problem or a Project Manager so I'll tag @Victor  and @AlexTumber just in case!

We have a Service Request which is used to create a Project using an iBridge method - which has worked for ages!

Today though, we've got a problem where the BPM of the SR is failing with the error message:



Although the Project IS being created, it's not creating any relationships so the Project doesn't progress. 

Can this be looked at please? We have two incidences of this happening so far: SR00129741 and SR00128396



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Guest Paul Alexander


I've downloaded the ESPServerService log but it only goes back to 23:02 last night, so any errors which happened before then aren't shown  - so I can't really help! 

I don't think @Jo Sword has created any new Projects since yesterday so I can't check any more files. We DO know though that pressing the 'rerun' button on the HUD of the SR DOES successfully create a new project - the problem with this is that we then have to go in and manually complete all of the tasks in the original (failed) project to be able to cancel it....



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