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List ordering when creating

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

Possibly a pathetic request ;) but when you're creating a Simple List, and you have to add a new item, can the blank (empty) box be added to the TOP of the list please? 

I've just created quite a long list, and having to scroll up to press the 'add' button got a bit tedious after a while.......(i know, I'm lazy..)




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I might be missing something, and I'd be really surprised if this hadn't been asked already,  but is it or could it be,  possible to order a simple list?

I have a list of floors and I want them in the order I put them in but they keep changing!  I wanted to start at Ground, then 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, but I have the 10th at the top instead.

It would so much easier if I could drag them into the order that I want them in and then select no ordering on the progressive capture.

I may have missed something really simple.



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Hi @HGrigsby

Whilst we don’t have simple list ordering at the moment, you could utilise the Value part of the list to hold a value that can be ordered in the way you want (whilst keeping the Display attribute as you current have set up to be customer facing).

The trick is to use a value of 01 for 1st, 02 for 2nd etc.

Then in your Progressive Capture config node, just ensure to order the Simple List by “Value”.

Hope this helps


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