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Portal image being trimmed

Dan Munns

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Hi all, 

Our company logo image seems to be being trimmed on the service portal. 

Our Marketing team have provided me with an updated .png of our new logo with some padding (15px I think) and when I open the image it looks ok. When the image is shown on the portal the top of the logo touches the top of the browser window as if the padding wasnt there. 

This happens in Chrome, IE and Edge.

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@Daniel Dekel If I remove the size it sets the image to a tiny size. The original image is 402x99 but the 'no settings' image is displayed at 115x30

I have resized the image to 80px and that seems to be better. What is the upper limit on size before the image is trimmed?  Might be worth adding the dimensions to the tooltip of the setting.

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