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Asset Manager as a seperate application?


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Hello Hornbill,

I was wondering if Asset Manager will become a separate application to Service Manager, much like you did with the Service Manager Boards and now we have the Board Manager application.  This is just a curiosity as  I've noticed that anything Asset Manager related has been relatively quiet for quite a while (as in not many updates).  Of course I know you have all been busy with other stuff at the same time.

I really really hope you are working on (or considering working on) a bespoke application (fingers crossed) because of what you have done so far with everything else in Hornbill, you have done so well, the sky is the limit.




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HI Samuel,

Thanks for your post.  When we first started out with Service Manager we saw assets as being key component of a service management function.  Supporting IT services and managing assets are fairly entwined with each other.  Over the last few years there has been the introduction of several new apps. in Hornbill   As this happens we see areas such as Boards that would complement more than just one app which resulted in the Board Manager app being created.

Having a separate app for assets may not necessarily result in more features or focused development.  As we did with Boards, we would need to look at the benefits of having a separate app.  Does it make sense and are there use cases to having a separate asset management app?  Can an asset management app support other apps other than Service Manager?  Would there be interest in running Asset Management as an isolated app where Service Manager isn't in use?  I would be interested to hear from customers if they have some use cases that support having Asset Management as a separate app.

Over the past couple of months we did introduce some new features to the Asset Progressive Capture form, the Asset Action on a request,  improvements to the Asset Imports, and we added loads of new fields which were requested by our customers.  So, there has been a bit of movement with features and there are still some features that we have planned.  



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